Inspiration? When all you do is wait for it.


Don’t you just love those moments like these:

“Oh, I feel so inspired today! I gotta write this song!”

You heard some bird:

“Hey, that’s a good melody! better write it before it’s too late!”

You were talking to a friend:

“Wow, I love what you said, would make a nice title for my next title!”

Walking in the park:

“what a lovely weather, I feel so compelled to paint this!”

You woke up one day:

“I feel so positive that I can’t help but write!”

and the list goes on!

well, how about when the moment is the exact opposite?

“Oh, I just need to wait for that inspiration!” BOOM!

Waiting for that moment to be perfect??? well, good news my friend! it will never be!

We all have those days that we are so eager to do what we want that it becomes like a natural flow. It is a good feeling to experience those moments in your craft. Of course who would disagree?  But then we are also prone in occasional “writer’s block” or “or not in the mood” or even “uninspired”

What are you going to do? wait for some fairy or shooting star to grant you that perfect moment to write? I don’t think so!

Actually, you’re not really waiting for inspiration. you’re simply PROCRASTINATING!

Yeah, you heard me! PROCRASTINATION!!!

You can’t really wait for the moment to be perfect, you gotta make it perfect even if it doesn’t seem to be. A developing artist must not fix his/ her eyes in the “inspiration driven” thinking. All it promotes is lack of trust and self-confidence. Yes, I know what I’m talking about because I’ve experience this every step of the way. That crucial period where you get way passed the euphoria of writing music, and after that what’s next? You become pressured, frustrated, unmotivated or simply uninspired. Waiting for inspiration is the perfect excuse for procrastination.


Yeah, ask yourself how? you see, procrastination is a self-inflicted behavior! and it’s something that can be unlearn! (well according to what I’ve read) it drains the energy for every person not just artist! Teenagers are most likely to experience this most frequently (but I believe we all do)

Ask this to yourself, “If ever I knew that tomorrow is my dying day, what could I have accomplished for today?”

there is no quick fix in dealing with procrastination, never will be! it’s a habit you must unlearn.

As my highschool professor once taught us: H A B I T, take off and you will still have A B I T. take off A, and you still have a B I T. take off Band you will still have IT.

So the solution is to take the whole HABIT off from your life!

(this is quite a long post so far, but I believe I haven’t fully tackled everything about inspiration and procrastination, stay tuned for more about this topic!)

How about you? have you ever waited for inspiration? Feel free to comment below!


About Kim Nimrod Cruz

I'm a composer, arranger, sound designer. I always find ways to be more creative than yesterday. View all posts by Kim Nimrod Cruz

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