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There are some things in life that we are so terribly afraid of, things that, for lack of a better phrase, we are “scared shitless” of. We exhaust all efforts in our power to delay their onset and prolong that precious time between “now” and “then”, but as we inevitably come to realize, denial is futile.

It was on the nicest and brightest day during the summer of 2009 that I knew my time was running out. I was about to leave for university, and I was terrified. To me, the idea of “leaving for university” was defined less by a two-hour drive out east, and more so by a one-way departure to a radically different life. I could not consciously comprehend or even begin to describe to others just how anxious I felt. I was terrified.

We bought the fridge, and the collapsible shelves. I packed the duffle bags…

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When is the perfect time to say “goodbye”? and when is the perfect time to “say goodbye”?

I recently got a chance to write music for some talented young film makers, feel free to check it out below:

Paalam (Goodbye) is a short film by Mara Garcia & Karen Marie Velasco, which is about how one person cope up with a lost love one. I was so moved by the subtleties of this film that I decided to focus on how the film should affect me (as an audience). Honestly, I felt that heavy feeling in my chest while I was writing the music for this particular film. As for my previous experience, I’ve always appreciated those moments that I’m really involve emotionally and artistically in what I’m currently doing. I also love how the actor/ actress (Janelle Fetalino, Angelo Panelo) portrayed their role in a very simple and natural way, I believe it added to the over all quality of the film. I believe that the work of both Mara and Karen is something that should be encourage, works like these are a jewel that is so fragile to handle. A promising work like this deserves a great film score, and I hope I’ve complimented their work well enough!

How about you? what do you think? Post your comments below! 🙂

Inspiration? When all you do is wait for it.


Don’t you just love those moments like these:

“Oh, I feel so inspired today! I gotta write this song!”

You heard some bird:

“Hey, that’s a good melody! better write it before it’s too late!”

You were talking to a friend:

“Wow, I love what you said, would make a nice title for my next title!”

Walking in the park:

“what a lovely weather, I feel so compelled to paint this!”

You woke up one day:

“I feel so positive that I can’t help but write!”

and the list goes on!

well, how about when the moment is the exact opposite?

“Oh, I just need to wait for that inspiration!” BOOM!

Waiting for that moment to be perfect??? well, good news my friend! it will never be!

We all have those days that we are so eager to do what we want that it becomes like a natural flow. It is a good feeling to experience those moments in your craft. Of course who would disagree?  But then we are also prone in occasional “writer’s block” or “or not in the mood” or even “uninspired”

What are you going to do? wait for some fairy or shooting star to grant you that perfect moment to write? I don’t think so!

Actually, you’re not really waiting for inspiration. you’re simply PROCRASTINATING!

Yeah, you heard me! PROCRASTINATION!!!

You can’t really wait for the moment to be perfect, you gotta make it perfect even if it doesn’t seem to be. A developing artist must not fix his/ her eyes in the “inspiration driven” thinking. All it promotes is lack of trust and self-confidence. Yes, I know what I’m talking about because I’ve experience this every step of the way. That crucial period where you get way passed the euphoria of writing music, and after that what’s next? You become pressured, frustrated, unmotivated or simply uninspired. Waiting for inspiration is the perfect excuse for procrastination.


Yeah, ask yourself how? you see, procrastination is a self-inflicted behavior! and it’s something that can be unlearn! (well according to what I’ve read) it drains the energy for every person not just artist! Teenagers are most likely to experience this most frequently (but I believe we all do)

Ask this to yourself, “If ever I knew that tomorrow is my dying day, what could I have accomplished for today?”

there is no quick fix in dealing with procrastination, never will be! it’s a habit you must unlearn.

As my highschool professor once taught us: H A B I T, take off and you will still have A B I T. take off A, and you still have a B I T. take off Band you will still have IT.

So the solution is to take the whole HABIT off from your life!

(this is quite a long post so far, but I believe I haven’t fully tackled everything about inspiration and procrastination, stay tuned for more about this topic!)

How about you? have you ever waited for inspiration? Feel free to comment below!

What have you been hiding all this time?

safe” – © 2007 Paul Keller


WordPress asked me: “Looking for inspiration?” well, who doesn’t right?

Then immediately I saw this picture! and to my surprise, this is somehow in line with what I was thinking to write.

That question: “What have you been hiding all this time?”

You see, we can hide a lot of things from the world like guilt, pain, misery, secrets that we are so ashamed that people would find out.

Sounds familiar? It’s because it’s a common thing to hide. Who in the right state of mind would give that information freely???

With all I mentioned, there is no more disheartening to hide than hiding your “ideas”. Ideas that move people, ideas that never survived from being hidden. they end up dying in suffocation inside the safe.

What are you afraid of? is it the people that would critique you? the people that you seek approval? or simply because you’re afraid that your acceptance as a person depends on what you do?

We all have our days, but placing your ideas in a “safe” won’t take you anywhere.

You’re simply “playing safe”

How about you? What have you been hiding all this time?

Why Voyages of Captain Young?

The Voyages of Captain Young

(This is my very first post! So I hope you bear with me as I circle around the ocean most of the time in here, Hahaha!)

Recently, I decided to take on a new path on my creative freedom, a new journey towards the unfamiliar. Something I’ve been meaning to do.  I’ve read books, blogs, researched more than ever, listened to more unfamiliar artist (to me). So far, I’m glad I found some techniques to overcome the plateau I’m experiencing. As I was doing the usual exercises for pushing myself to be more creative than before, I said to myself: “I should make this! the way ancient travellers would explore the world, towards the uncertain, towards the unknown”

It took me a while to finally come up of a catchy but not so fancy title for this blog. I’m quite interested in the life of an explorer, I mean what were they thinking when they decided to finally embark on a new journey? on a new expedition? is it wealth? riches? fame? why can’t they find it in their own home? why can’t they find it somewhere near their surroundings?

More questions arise, contemplate about this and that. After all of that pondering, I realized that my path as a developing artist is more like being in the sea. “Uncertain, Unknown, Unpredictable” and the list goes on. The more I try to go towards the direction I always wanted to be, I always end up facing huge waves. My ship went through a lot of damage during the past expeditions by the way, and I say that with a lot of pride! Somehow, it gave me an idea of what’s to come and what to expect from the next mysterious adventures I have yet to face.

Well, I guess that’s part of being a person and not just an artist. You can’t compare every journey you’ve been, every places you’ve visited or even the people you’ve met on one way or another. That’s what makes it interesting, the feeling of being surprised every moment of your life.

I came up with an idea to name this blog (I hope not just for the sake of having a name)

“The Voyages of Captain Young”

A perfect name for a person with a childlike wonder and a vivid curiosity! You never get old with exploring more on more! Who knows what you’ll find? Who knows where you’ll be?  Who knows?


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